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           Specializing in creative direction and character design/fabrication, Daniel has illustrated, sculpted, and dressed an array of creatures and their environments for attractions, events, theater, film and television.

            Utilizing various mediums, he has created everything from storyboards to creature prosthetics for HBO, Showtime, NBC, Diablo Light Opera Company and more.

            Additionally, Daniel has worked as a scale model fabricator and set dresser for New Deal Studios, Universal Studios, Masters FX, and the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor.

            He has worked on the Emmy award winning teams of American Horror Story, True Blood and Sleepy Hollow. Most recently he has completed leading creative direction on upcoming theme parks in the UAE. He spends his time sketching, sculpting and enjoying Hollywood.


Why the stag logo? Hirsch is the German word for stag. They are a symbol of creativity and swiftness in many cultures.

Welcome to the online portfolio of Daniel Hirsch!

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